Holly's Christmas Book List - Part 2

The rest of my Christmas Book List:
(Part I is here, and the reason behind the list is here)

Snow - A delightful rhyming tale that had my kids laughing and planning to hide snow in the freezer!

Bright Christmas, An Angel Remembers - This is so beautiful.

Auntie Claus
- Auntie disappears each year after Halloween and doesn't return until Valentine's Day. Sophie is determined to find out where she goes... A nice (but longer) story with a nice lesson.

The Elf on the Shelf
- I picked this up late this season and the kids are obsessed with it. Behaving for one of Santa's elves is important to them, but finding the elf's latest hiding spot each morning is the highlight of this fun new tradition.

The Little Drummer Boy - Beautiful illustrations in a board book format.

The Christmas Story, Carol Hayer- A very detailed version for a children's book. I like it. It tells more of what happened after Christ was born.

Snowmen at Night
- A fun tale of that explains why Snowmen sometimes look a little worse for the wear the morning after they are built.

Madeline's Christmas - Classic Madeline.

Merry Christmas Little Critter - Mercer Mayer and Little Critter are always favorites. I had Merry Christmas Mom and Dad as a kid and it is now on my wish list for next year.

The Little Donkey - My daughter loves tiny books.

The Tale of Three Trees - A lovely, symbolic story. It might be more of an Easter Story for some, but I think it is perfect at Christmas as a reminder that there is more to this holiday than presents and mistletoe.

The Polar Express - A wonderfully illustrated classic that is beautiful enough to inspire people of all ages to "believe."

Santa, Reindeer, Snowman - I am not able to find a link, but they are cute, short, glittery board books that the kids like.

10 Christmas Lights - A quick read with little red lights that actually light up.

The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree - My kids like the search for the Christmas tree and I like that there is a lot for all of us to learn from this touching tale.

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