Lunch in a Box

This year brings a new challenge for us. SCHOOL LUNCH. I have been looking for something that will allow me to send a nutritious and delicious lunch to school with my daughter. I love the idea of the muffin pan, but obviously that can't be sent to school!

So in my quest I found these darling Laptop Lunch Boxes, but the price was a little more than I wanted to spend for my four year old.

Then I found another alternative.... A clear tackle box!! They sell them at Walmart for about $3 and they have removable dividers making the box so versitile to use! Now I can't wait to start packing lunches. Oh, and if you are interested on packing one of these, but just need a little help, check out Lunch in a Box. They have heaps of ideas!

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Varna said...

I bought 2 laptop lunch kits last year for my preschooler and husband. They are pricey, but they are great! I find I pack much healthier food to fill all of the little holes and I never need to use throw away ziplocs! Please let us know if the tackle boxes work!