Vale Headboard - Nurseryworks' American Collection

I have one regret with our choice of "big boy furniture" for my son: While his bed is comfy, leaning up against the wall to read him books is not. It is a small complaint that can be remedied with a few well-placed pillows, but I decided long ago to go with comfort when my daughter makes the switch from crib to bed. I am leaning toward an upholstered headboard, and have surprised myself by being really drawn to the Vale Headboard from Nurseryworks new American Collection. The color selection is fantastic, and I think that this modern version of a traditional look could be a lot of fun to play around with. I'm torn between starting to plan the room now and hoping that she will be content in her crib for the next year...

View the collection here. All pieces are available for pre-order at Fawn & Forest.

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