Nighty Night Bed Pocket

Your little scaredy-cat might sleep better at night knowing that everything he needs to keep him safe is tucked nicely next to his bed. This Nighty Night Bed Pocket holds a bedtime story, keeps a flashlight, and holds a favorite furry friend. It's easy to do and your little one can even help.

What you'll need:
3/4 yard green fleece
1/4 yard blue fleece
3/8 yard light blue fleece
Washable fabric-marking pen
Straight pins
Sewing Machine
Cut a 12x24-inch rectangle from the green fleece, Using the fabric pen, draw or trace 2 inch scallops along one 12 inch edge. Cut along scallops.

Cut 12x8-inch back pocket from the blue fleece. Cut 12x10 inch front pocket from light blue fleece. Cut 2 inch scallops along top and bottom edges of front pocket; fold over a 2-inch top flap. Pin back pocket 4 inches from scalloped bottom of green backing. Pin front pocket 2 inches from bottom of backing. Sewing through all layers, stitch along bottoms of pockets using 1/2 inch seam allowance. Starting at stitching line along bottoms of pockets, sew a vertical line to creat 8 and 4- inch wide sections, stopping at top of back pockets.

Instructions and picture via BHG

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kira said...

What a great idea! Definitely going to make this for my little ones ... thanks! :)

Shepherd Family ACAL said...

I love this, looks super easy, and what a cool little thing, especially for those new to their big beds! Thanks for sharing!