LobotoME Giveaway Winner!

This was a very tough decision, but the winner of the lobotoME momME weekly planner and surprise gift is Kelly , who said:

Okay, so this is why I need it! I am a resident training to be an Emergency Medicine Physician, work 50 - 60 hours a week, juggle 2 busy kids (almost-4 and 10 months -- who currently has a double ear infection) with a husband who travels (next trip: China!) for work and still try to work in time to hug my kids and teach them a thing or too. My calendar is my sanity! And I think it's currently covered in baby food.

Congratulations and good luck! Please email Jenny at info@lobotoME.com with your contact information and put tutus & turtles giveaway in the subject line, thanks!
To help increase everyone else's sanity, definitely go to lobotoME's website and check out the weekly planner or find the notebooks that work best for you. I cannot emphasize enough how much the weekly planner has been helping me stay sane! Best of luck to everyone and thanks for sharing glimpses of your insanity, we understand . . .

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