Kid Kushion Gummi Crib Rail

When my daughter learned how to stand up in her crib she already had a few teeth. Her favorite thing to do in her crib rather than sleep was to chew on the railing. Because our crib is painted I would always find little bits of paint around her mouth. This led me on the search to find a crib rail covering that would fit our crib and that she wouldn't be able to take off. I finally found the Kid Kushion Gummi Crib Rail cover, it was just what I was looking for. It fits perfectly on just about any style of crib and is safe for your baby to chew on. If you happen to have a baby who loves to chew on their crib check out the gummi rail cover here.

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ashley said...

We have a crib with a big rail so we didn't think we could find anything to protect it from teething time. Unfortunately we didn't find this until after damage was done. But LOVE it now:)