Matilda Jane Clothing

I ordered Matilda Jane's Pinkie Lap Dress for my daughter and it is lovely.

A few more favorites:

Yama + Coco

I might pair this with the Isabella Pants.

Yama + Henrietta, and the cute Lola in Pink legwarmers (I love pom poms!)

Click here to check out the Matilda Jane website and see all "the goods."
(You might be there for awhile, but it is time well spent!)

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Stephanie said...

Oooh! That pink dress is pretty! I can definitely picture my 2-year-old wearing it.

Rachel said...

I don't know why they've made it so obnoxious to order. I think they'd make a lot more money if they had an online store. Maybe I'm anti-social, but I don't want to have to directly call my local representative or go to a trunk show in order to buy something. They're stuff is super cute and I would probably buy it if it were easier.