Loving their Letters

Lately, my daughter is really getting into learning her letters and numbers. So, I know she would get a thrill out of opening her lunch box to find jello in the shape of her favorite letters. These silicone letter trays are more than just jello shapes, you can make ice cubes, shortbread or even brownies in them!

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Jack and Susan said...

I just ordered the numbers and letters set for $20 and I am so excited to receive them! My girls will love fun letter surprises!


Holly - tutus & turtles said...

The pancakes are too cute - this is a great idea!

rebecca said...

i love this idea!!! and FYI, we are sooooo on the same wave length- check out the post on my blog today at www.eensies.com How crazy is that?

Kendra Meyers said...

What a great idea!