An "itsy-bitsy" masterpiece

amy f - daughter's painting

I've toyed with being brave enough to lay out a large canvas and let my kids create a piece of art for our home, and after seeing and reading this inspiring post I am finally ready:

"On Friday I took Estee to the hobby lobby and let her pick out paint for this giant two inch wrapped canvas I had promised her she could paint. She was so serious about picking out her colors and SO excited to get home and get busy.

I painted it a solid blue to start with so other than that it is every bit her. it was so fun to watch her little creative mind work, she even did some Jackson Pollock action on it.

I am absolutely in love with what she created.

We named it "itsy bitsy spider" can you see why?

Everytime someone comes over she races them to the dining room and shows them her painting, I think she loves it almost as much as I do."

"itsy bitsy spider"

To get my kids excited about this somewhat permanent project we are going to be breaking out the paints on a regular basis, and choosing a spot to hang their "masterpiece." I might let them get creative on a small canvas first, so that they really truly want to create a larger version and have as much with this as little Estee did.

Amy, the creative Mom behind this project, used acrylic paints and says the best way to use them with kids is to separate each color into its own container with its own brush so that the colors don't mix together and become a big brown blob!

Have fun creating...

images and idea via amy furstenau

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Sara Cross said...

I LOVE this idea! My daughter is only one, yet we sitll have 'art time'. I think its so great to see their creativity at such a young age!

Thanks for the great idea!

Amanda Jones said...

What a fabulous project! My kids would get so much joy out of seeing their "masterpiece" on our wall.

Kelli said...

I did this with my kids and it was fantastic! Every time someone comes over they want to know where I got such "original" art!

Anonymous said...

How inspirational! Thanks!

Whimsical Creations said...

That is fabulous!
=) melanie