zooni - celebrate childhood

Zooni is another great company that likes to give back. Not only are they are committed to social responsibility, use recycled packaging and donates to charity...their hats are so stinkin cute! Taia has the Flower Power hat and she could not look anymore adorable - so much in fact that I have decided to purchase her winter coat around this fun hat. With names like Panda Monium, Kate's Moss and Chunkee Monkee - these hats are sure to bring a smile to admirers all around. Some things that I really appreciate about Zooni are that they are all handmade and their accessories are functional yet stylishly different. They also send all their packages out ready to give as a gift..and you know how much I love that.

With that said - I am pleased to let you know that Zooni is also part of our Birthday Celebration and this too is going to be great! Definitely worth checking out.

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