Flattenme Books

If you are still looking for that perfect personalized gift, Flattenme Books offers some very fun options. Not only do they personalize their books with your child's name, they also use a picture so your child can really visualize themselves inside the story!

I think the pirate book looks like a very enjoyable adventure, but I am most intrigued by their new book, The Potty Dance. Considering what a struggle potty-training can be, it only makes sense that it could ease the transition if your child could not only read about using the toilet, but actually see themselves on it!

Flattenme is giving away 5 free flattenme storybooks to the parents who send them their best potty training tip. Click here for more information and to enter the contest, or email your favorite tip to hi@flattenme.com.

To order your Flattenme book, go here, and use coupon code "FLATTENMEBOOKS" for 10% off your order through January 1, 2008.

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