Play Dinnerware

We are giving my daughter a kitchen set for Christmas, so I've been keeping my eyes out for non-breakable dishes and utensils. Ikea carries this 24-piece dinnerware set for $7.99; sadly its not available on the website, you'll have to check a local store. I liked that the dishes were so simple and unisex. The forks might be a little sharper than a plastic version, but I've found that plastic prongs break off easily.

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Al, Ash & Family said...

Nice. Thanks for finding these :)

L&H&Q said...

We have this, and the forks aren't sharp at all! As in, I kind of wish they were a little sharper. They are definitely for playing and not for actual eating -- they couldn't pick up food to save their life.

Tutus and Turtles said...

Thanks for sharing. I guess this is good news for those that want this set as a play toy, and bad news for those that wanted new eating utensils!