Orbit Baby Car Seat and Stroller System

I am very, very impressed with Orbit Baby's infant car seat/stroller system. The number one reason? The car seat rotates. This means no more jerking and struggling to get the car seat in the car just right, and no more maneuvering and blocking of space in restaurants, etc. to get your baby facing you in the strolling. Gently set your child in the car seat base, then rotate the seat to the correct position, or park the stroller in the most convenient way before rotating the seat, not the stroller, to face you. This is just the beginning of a long list of wonderful things about this innovative system. Check out the Why Orbit? section of the website for a photographic demonstration and more information. An infant system this attractive and user-friendly does come with a steep price-tag, but you can buy a bassinet cradle or toddler seat to stretch the lifetime and versatility of your Orbit system. Go here to find a retailer.

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I really, really want one of these!