Packin' Smart

I have tried just about every kind of formula and snack dispenser and have never had any luck keeping things from spilling all over my bag. Packin' Smart has solved this problem. No more spilt formula or searching through your bag for the one container or bag you really need, everything is stacked together! You can store pacifiers, snacks, formula, medicine, or anything else you want to keep separate and secure. Packin' Smart uses a secure click stacking system to ensure items don't spill and offer the option of an open top or a funnel shaped lid for easy pouring.

You can use Packin' Smart for much more than snacks! I love the idea of organizing tiny hair accessories in one. See other suggested uses here.

Buy Packin' Smart here, or click here for a list of websites and stores that carry this product.

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Anonymous said...

What a "Smart" idea! I'm definitely go to get one of these!

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what I need - no more spills everywhere.