Waterfall Train Table

Every boy between the age of 2 and 6 should have a train table. This one is from Kid Kraft. Kid Kraft has other designs, and if you can wait till Christmas time, Costco usually gets one in every year. The Kid Kraft tables are great. They are good quality for the price, but most importantly they are compatible with the wooden Thomas train cars. This one is available from Mytoybox.com.

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The Jesperson Family said...

I actually saw one at Costco today. Only 129.99 and it comes with a train set and cute wooden airplanes, boats, helicopters, etc. I'd love to get Tanner one for Christmas (maybe, if I want to haul it back to Utah, we'll see).

Tutus and Turtles said...

Thanks for sharing! Maybe you can bribe someone in Utah to pick it up for you so that it will be there when you move.