Ginger People

Ginger candy was the only thing that helped me with nausea when I was pregnant, and ginger chews by The Ginger People is the only kind I would recommend. They get the job done and taste pretty good too. My personal favorite is the Original Ginger Chew, but they offer a variety of flavors if you want to experiment. Buy Ginger chews directly from the source, or click here to find a local retailer.

There are many other ways to use ginger to help with nausea: ginger tea, chewing on fresh peeled ginger, or adding some ginger to a smoothie. Ginger chews just make for a quick, portable fix.

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pat said...

Good post! Ginger really works! You can also cut up fresh ginger and chew on it.

Tutus and Turtles said...

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

This actually works! Thank-you for letting me in on this lifesaver.