Wooden Photo Flashcards

I've always wanted to make personalized flashcards with words and items from around our house. This how-to for making your own wooden flashcards might be what finally gets me to do it! See it here.

We've recently realized that flashcards are a great way to learn and remember the words that my son's kindergarten class is working on. The problem is that my son isn't always enthusiastic about practicing more letters and numbers at the end of the school day. What is working for us is keeping flashcards in the car so that when when we are waiting in line at kindergarten drop-off, stopped at a long red light, or lucky enough to have someone else driving us I can hold up a few cards and we get some word practice in. It isn't time that can be used for anything else so it feels like a fun distraction and becomes more of a game than work. Even little sis gets in on the fun!

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Anonymous said...

totally agree,flash cards are very interactive and helps children memorize soon.wanted to share some flashcards which I have found interesting.