Recycle and Reuse, right?

Recently, at our house we have started recycling. My girls love to look for the numbers on the bottom of the plastic containers. One day my 5 year old asked if we recycle clothes. And here was my answer.



Yes we do recycle clothes. I just love this dress and the tutorial is easy to follow.

If you aren't as daring to try it on your own, you can always have Redpajamas make one for you!

Images from craftersforum and redpajamas.

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Aimee Friedrich said...

wow, so impressive. I really need to try this. I love using fabrics from old things for something else, but haven't tried clothes for the kids. I like to use old fabrics in making decorative banners. I've been working on some for an etsy shop I'm opening:


gillian said...

that is the CUTEST dress! if I could sew I'd be taking a shirt out of my husbands closet tonight!

Amy said...

Totally adorable x

Stephanie said...

So beautiful. I love your craftiness. Sometimes I really wish I could sew...

Blessed said...

I made one of these dresses out of a new shirt that hubby ruined the first time he wore it. The shirt looked good on him but it looks really good on my daughter :)