ABC's that don't stop at the 1,2,3's...

Ridiculous title, I know. It is just turning out to be one of those rainy days...

My kids are past the basic ABC-book stage, so these are some of the books we've been reading to keep us familiar with our letters and sounds while also keeping us entertained (I think they all work for the "1,2,3's" too):

A little dark for a children's book, but that is what makes it funny for adults. My kids love figuring out what is happening to each letter.

Harold's adventures with his purple crayon always spark the imagination.

The illustrations alone are worth soaking up - the words are a delightful and alliterative bonus.

Dr. Seuss's ABC
Classic rhyming and goofiness.

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Susan R. said...

I can't wait to check these books out. Thanks!