Some changes

Someone recently asked me why I chose not to be more personal on tutus & turtles. I couldn't give them a specific reason, just that it was simpler and this blog is more about the children's items we feature than the people writing about them. This post is the exception to that rule.

Parenting is hard. There are many days that I question my sanity. Parenting is also the most wonderfully satisfying thing I have ever done. The love I feel for and from my children makes me feel more alive than I ever imagined I would.

It takes a lot of work. It is amazing how many different directions you are pulled in when you are a Mother. Simple tasks aren't so simple or so easily done when your attention is wanted or needed by the little ones that surround you. It is a constant search for that right balance: trying to give as much of yourself as you can without giving so much that you find yourself wondering where everything went.

Life keeps on changing. Just when everything seems to be working or not working something will change and the situation may flip. I like change, so this typically works for me. I also like to stick with things that I enjoy, and tutus & turtles is usually one of them. Occasionally though it can be too much. Some days the last thing I have time for is posting. I know that our other lovely contributors feel the same. On top of our day-to-day activities we have projects keeping us occupied. We also have Jules keeping busy with Lima Bean Kids (Have you seen their latest designs? Everything is adorable), Natalie is finishing up a cross-country move, and Danielle is expecting her third child any day. We all have little children that are growing up too fast and there are days that they need a lot of attention. Because of this we have been trying to simplify things around here to make this blog a pleasant experience for everyone.

There is really only one bigger change: While we have been leaning away from doing giveaways for awhile, we are going to officially stop hosting them as of now. They are a lot of fun and we like gifting our fabulous readers with the occasional surprise, but giveaways do take a fair amount of time, and when planning a Mother's Day celebration starts to be a headache rather than a pleasure it is time to completely let go.

As for posting, we plan on continuing to post daily, but as the weather warms and our children are beckoning us to build sandcastles or read books in the grass we may miss the occasional day. We'll do our best not to, but know that if we do disappear for a day or two we will be back very soon with fun finds to share.

Thanks for joining us on tutus & turtles!

(If you are interested in a slightly more personal view of me,
I have a "me" blog where I save things I think are worth remembering.
I'll warn you though, it is rarely updated daily and there are some repeats from t&t...)

(For those that have been trying to locate our contact information, I temporarily removed it due to my computer being in the shop. I have put the information back on the right sidebar.)

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, and anything you do is much appreciated out here!

Lettie said...

I'm glad to hear that you guys may regularly take a needed day or two break! I can't imagine how hard it is to have something to post everyday, and especially knowing that people are expecting it from you. I love reading your blog and whatever it takes for you guys to keep it good, do it! (Even if that means taking a whole month off!)
Thanks for all your great posts.

Camile said...

I'm new to this blog - way cute!!!

It is TOTALLY understandable that there would be days skipped here and there. Sandcastle building and book reading with children definitely takes first place.

Have a fun summer with the kiddos.

Stephanie said...

You gotta put your family first. That's what matters most.

Enjoy your summer! I'll look forward to your posts...even if they are sporadic. I subscribe via RSS so it's okay with me if you post once a day...or once a week. I'll be reading either way. :)

Susan R. said...

Good for you guys! I love tutus and turtles and it is nice to know that we are all just trying to do the best we can :)

Cindy said...

Enjoy your Mother's Day week!

Holly - tutus & turtles said...

Thanks for understanding!

Stephanie said...

I'll keep reading - giveaways or not! :)

You have to put your family first. I really admire that.

Keep up the good work here at tutus and turtles.