My favorite baby bath seat

A friend is expecting her first child and we got to chatting about what is and isn't worth buying for baby. When the discussion turned to bath items, specifically tubs, I got on my little soapbox about why the EZ Bather is the only bath seat I would ever own. It fits in any bath tub, allowing for easy adjustments to the temperature and quick draining when accidents occur. Babies stay low and warm in the seat and you have access without extra bulk to get in your way. It dries quickly and its small size means that you aren't giving up space for yet another baby item. And it costs around $6. Find one here, or check the baby section of local retailers.

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the seventy tree said...

This is so lovely. So much nicer than plastic!
Have a nice day

joolee said...

check out the pujbaby.com tub...love it!

Holly - tutus & turtles said...

The Puj tub is really cool, thanks for sharing!