One lump or two?

My daughter is the perfect age to start "hosting" tea parties, and I am beginning a search for the perfect special occasion tea set (translation: delicate and breakable). I like this eclectic mix of color and style.

This toadstool tea set is so whimsically wonderful and practically demands imaginative parties under the trees with at least one set of fairy wings.

A crochet set would be nice for little ones.

Hand painting makes this one unique.

These butterflies are elegant yet playful.

I love the blue.

This set is classic and simple.

I'm most partial to the top two, but this is just a preliminary look at what is out there.

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Stephanie said...

What fun tea sets! I especially love the one in the top photo. It's so colorful and bright and cheery.

Rachel said...

where did you find that eclectic one at the top w/ all the different colors? i think that's the one for us! =)