Kids Konserve and Earth Day

Do you remember how much I love using the containers from Kids Konserve? And not just for lunches either - my kids constant grabbing of the mini stainless steel containers when they want a snack has passed on to the adults in the house, including visitors.

*In honor of Earth Day, Kids Konserve is offering us
10% off with coupon code "tutus"*
(Valid thru May 31)

Kids Konserve wants to educate and empower children and their families to be the VOICE of Change and suggests sitting down with our children and striking up a conversation about Earth Day and how we can all play a part. The small things add up to big things! Check out the Kids Konserve blog for a post about this and for a chance to win a lunch kit.

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kidshaus said...

I love these!! this is exactly what i've been wishing for!

Amanda R. said...

What a great idea for not wasting.