Car Seat Covers

If I had known that my life was destined for 3 daughters I would never have invested in a blue car seat. However, the Sassy Stork has turned my neutral blue car seat into a fabulous, stylish girl chariot! I loved how easy Kate was to work with and her handy work is worth every penny. My favorite feature was that I was able to pick my own fabric, so it is unique to my new little Princess!

She also has heaps of other goodies in her shop, like diaper bags and infant booties!

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r e b e c k a said...

it looks gorgeous!

Rich, Brittani, and Nugs said...

I got my carseat covers from sassy stork too! LOVE HER!

Lindsay said...

Aftermarket products aren't safe for use on carseats.


Holly - tutus & turtles said...

Thanks for the information Lindsay.