Last Minute St. Patrick's Day Ideas

Martha has a slew of recipes (real Irish, not just green!) for you to try on this holiday.  

What are your St. Patrick's Day traditions?

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Scott and Cindy said...

These are great! Our tradition is to build leprechaun traps on the Eve of St. Patty's Day. To see our trap for this year, check out my blog at http://scottandcindy.blogspot.com. Thanks for the great ideas!

Josh and Emily said...

We put out our shoes and the leprechauns come and fill them with fun treats. This year one of my kids was convinced we should have chocolate gold. I couldn't find any at all, finally I found some in a wedding section at a party store. I hoped my kids wouldn't notice the hearts on the gold foil. Quickly after finding their shoes filled with candy, one of my little boys came running up to me saying "mom, the leprechaun loves me look!" he was so right, that leprechaun loves him!

Holly - tutus & turtles said...

Lenny the Leprechaun visits our house and turns chairs upside down, etc., and leaves a gold coin or two. Some food item turns green as a surprise: this year the kid's yogurt and fruit went from white to green as I stirred it thanks to a drop of green dye.

(We get our gold chocolate coins from See's Candy, usually at an airport since we don't year-round shops in the East.)

Holly - tutus & turtles said...

Cindy, my son would die and go to heaven if we built leprechaun traps. We'll have to try it out next year!

Emily - "The leprechaun loves me" is the sweetest thing I have ever heard that involves a leprechaun :)