Kellner Steckfigurens

{Ruck + Zuck}

I am intrigued by these playful "do with them what you will" characters from Kellner Steckfiguren. They are oozing of creativity and imagination.

Kellner Stickfiguren's creations are whatever you make them to be. This award-winning toy system lets you take over and create characters and scenes that are only limited by your imagination. Combining amusing and cleverly designed beechwood, plastic and cloth pieces, this classic system truly puts the child (or grown-up) in charge of where the play and creativity go. There are deliberately no instructions or restrictions placed on your imagination. Playful discovery is the name of the game with these toys.

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se7en said...

These are so divine!!! I want them for me... I don't think I could part with them - sorry kids!

Anonymous said...

I have to get the Fairy-tale Ham Wood ... oh my goodness that is beautiful peice of work!!