I saw these yesterday and couldn't resist sharing.  These baby ballet slippers are simply irresistible.  I want them.  I need them!!  Click here to find out where you can get them!

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Anonymous said...

Super extra cute! I just got my two-year-old ballet shoes, and she never takes them off. She even wears them to bed, and I have to wait until she is deep asleep before trying to take them off.

Holly - tutus & turtles said...

These are so beautiful.

Mary Jones said...

These make me wish I had a girl!

Anonymous said...

I ordered 2 pair and can't wait to get them! It was hard at first to get someone to contact me from their site. I wih I new they sold them at bornluckyonlinle.com before i made my purchase through bloch.. http://www.bornluckyonline.com/item.php?item_id=526&page=1&category_id=61


ps. there was another blog about these shoes and was wondering where to order. I can't think of the blog, though. I hope they see here. : )