Baby Carrier Buying Tips

We received this write up on different styles of baby carriers and think it shares some useful information for choosing a carrier that is the right fit for you. If you have any suggestions on carriers or a favorite brand or style, let us know!

Having a baby doesn’t mean that your daily routine has to stop; it simply has to change. With that being said, maintaining your active lifestyle while taking on the role as parent is essential to the growth of your family and all of this can be made possible through a baby carrier. Choosing the right baby carrier for you is all about personal preference and how a certain style works with your routine, not against it.

Baby Sling

The three main carrier designs include baby slings, backpacks, and standard front-facing baby carriers. Some parents often will use more than one option depending on the activity at hand and what feels most comfortable during that point in time. When it comes to naptime, slings are a great alternative to what baby cribs offer young children. While your newborn is still getting used to sleeping alone and having a hard time falling asleep, you can keep it close to your body in a comfortable baby sling.

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This baby carrier option is great for holding your newborn close when you have little things to do around the home or are socializing with friends and family. Lying close to your body will put your child at ease during their fussiest moments while you’ll feel like a super parent seeing as how you’ll have your hands free to complete other tasks! Some parents prefer padded baby slings that offer more support for your infant’s head and also can take the strain off of your shoulder when carrying the baby for a longer period of time while others like unpadded designs as they are easily adjustable and flexible for breastfeeding. Many parents have thought that it’s much more beneficial for their children to rest in their cribs while they’re tidying up the house, but it’s important to realize how advantageous a baby sling is in their everyday lives. Try bringing your child along while you work around your home and use this as an opportunity to have the most intimate moments with them.

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If the day takes you on an adventure, the backpack model is your best option in terms of support and comfort. This style is great for taking a walk when you want to give the stroller a rest or for carrying older children that weight approximately 40 pounds or less. Backpack carriers with a lightweight aluminum frame, lumbar support, and padded shoulder straps will create a comfortable experience for both child and parent during the busiest of days. One feature that is definitely worth seeking out is a sun shield that attaches over the top of the backpack carrier in order to help protect your child’s head and face from sunny or rainy weather conditions.

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Finally, standard baby carriers that are worn over the chest are a great option for infants and young toddlers that are on the go. If you live in a more urban environment and the majority of your errands are in walking distance, strapping on this standard baby carrier design will provide a place for your little one to stay close to you on the sidewalk without having to deal with the hassle that a baby stroller can bring along. Front-facing baby carriers typically hold children that are 20-25 pounds or less and many of them can be converted to the backpack style in order to accommodate each parent’s preference.

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Kama @ Today's Housewife said...

I bought a few slings before my son was born and found that the one shoulder slings are not that comfortable. Plus he's pretty hot natured, so he and I were both sweating when he was in there (in the winter). We like the front carrier one the best right now. I got a cheap version of the Baby Bjorn from Big Lots and it works great. I also went to a local class on Baby Wearing and learned how to wear a wrap, but I haven't tried it out. The lady said you could buy 3 yards of gauze and it would work well. I bet it would not get too hot either and you can do that as a double shoulder way too.

Amy said...

I have a front carrier and a sling and love both for different reasons. The sling is probably my favorite for around the house activities because it is so cozy.

Baby carriers backpacks said...

Great article. Too many parents jump into buying a carrier before they decide what they really need one for.Thank you

Kendra Meyers said...

Whoa, minus the hair, the girl wearing the baby sling looks a lot like you, Holly!

Baby Slings said...

There are several other choices beyond the 3 types of baby carriers listed. One of the most popular is a soft pack carrier. It is similar to a backpack, but minus the bulky aluminum frame. Most soft pack carriers can be worn on the front, back, or hip. Two of the most popular are the Ergo Baby Carrier and Beco. Happy Babywearing!

Holly - tutus & turtles said...

Thanks for the information everyone!

Too funny Kendra, I never would have thought that. She looks much more awake than I do..

icoobaby1 said...

I really thank you guys for giving such wonderful baby carrier buying tips. I have tried all the products which you mentioned like baby slings, backpack baby carrier etc. But all of them were comfortable when my baby was light in weight. When he gained some weight I bought Mickey Bungee Deluxe which made easy to carry him around .

Cool Mom said...

Thanks for the wonderful tips..I recently purchased an Ergo baby carrier..cool and comfortable for my baby.