Mama Apple Maternity Dresses

Shabby Apple now has a maternity dress line, Mama Apple, and the dresses are oh so cute. Virgin Strawberry Daquiri is almost(!) worth getting pregnant for.

Chocolate Craving looks flexible enough to work for any season, and could easily be dressed up or down. It also look super comfy for those last couple of months.

For those that aren't expecting, Shabby Apple has a Fit to Flatter guide to help you determine which dresses are going to be most flattering for your figure. There is also a fantastic accessories section so you can complete your new look. How's that for convenient one-stop shopping?

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Janet said...

Both maternity dresses are looking fabulous. Hope to get one from there.

Lisa said...

Its really a good news that Shabby Apple now has a maternity dress line. I will certainly visit and take a look.