Usborne Sticker Books

I am starting to get picky about what I will pack with me to entertain my kids, whether this be for a quick errand or a long drive or airplane flight. I am tired of carrying around a ridiculously large diaper or carry-on bags only to have the munchkins be interested in just one or two things. Thank-goodness for enjoyable activities that can slip into any bag without weighing it down!

Usborne Sticker Books are a new to us activity and they are very worth having around. My son enjoyed just staring at the pages and all of his options in the Trucks book before he even started to apply the stickers. He really enjoyed the creative process of choosing which trucks were driving where and even though the book kept him entertained even longer than I needed him to be entertained there is still plenty of stickers to be placed another day.

The variety of sticker books available caters to kids of all ages. View them here.

(The New Baby Book would be a great gift (or distraction) for a new older brother or sister!)

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