New Year Tree

I am almost heartbroken that I only just heard about this great New Year idea this afternoon, but still plan on throwing a little something together for the morning and am already excited for next year:

The creative Mom of this lucky family takes the Christmas decor off of the Christmas tree just in time for the New Year and when the kids wake up on New Year's Day the tree is covered in confetti and stuffed with party crackers. A New Year's morning party ensues, and face paint and homemade pinatas stuffed with confetti add to the festivities.

See more images and ideas from the New Year Tree Party here.

Isn't this the perfect way of involving kids in the celebration without sacrificing their sleep too much? I think having friends over and turning this into a New Year brunch would be a great way to compensate for the lack of babysitters and festivities for our early-to-bed on New Year's Eve Family...

Idea and images via se7en - thanks a million!

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I will definately have to do this next year, I think my kids would love it!

Ashley said...

I'm sad I missed this post until after New Year's Day. Next year will be a great party though! Thanks and remind us again next Christmas of this great idea!!

Jennifer said...

This is the perfect idea - it also help kids with the transition of the tree out the door. It's so hard to say goodbye! This way, the ornaments will come off one day, the tree can be covered in streamers and confetti the next day, and you can bid a fond farewell to it after that.(Then there can be a vacuum party tradition!) We are definately doing this next year!

Holly - tutus & turtles said...

Great point about this being a good transition. It is hard to say goodbye to all the festive holiday decor!

I'll do my best to remember to remind everyone :)