me4kidz - Medibuddy

I am a little too pleased with my recent introduction to the Medibuddy from me4kidz. My kids are always getting scrapes and scratches, and until recently I rarely had what I needed to clean up the extra-bad accidents unless I was at home. Now I have a handy little case packed with 40 kid-friendly first aid items (including stickers for the brave little guys!) that is compactly and neatly stored in my favorite purse. I plan on getting a few extras to have in other frequently-used bags so that I know I have things on hand if needed.

Kits are only $5, and each one comes with an offer for a free 45-piece refill set! You can buy them here.

me4kidz offers other kits, including the more comprehensive Medibag. It is still compact and kid-friendly and would be the perfect kit to keep in the car and the house. After you use up the contents the case can be re-purposed as a doctor kit or play case for the kids.
Buy the Medibag here or buy the bag with 3 medibuddy's here.

You can see all of me4kidz kits here.

(The diaper bag buddy would be a lifesaver for spontaneous or frequently planned overnighters. Or just for messy kids!

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Amy said...

This would come in handy at our house!

Madre Adoptiva said...

Those are really great! I know my kids would be tripping all over themselves to get bandaids and stickers every time we went out anywhere. :)

Tara said...

You can also find the bag plus 3 kits sold at Costco.com for only $26.99.


Holly - tutus & turtles said...

Thanks for the Costco link!