Concept Interiors

I want a hole in my wall.

It would provide hours of mess-free entertainment for the kiddos. Just thinking about what a launch pad for imagination and pretend play this is has me tempted to start cutting tonight.

This room makes me happy. The headboard is perfect.
designed by concept interiors
images via dti

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Madre Adoptiva said...

What a cool idea! I think a hole between my girls' rooms is definitely in order. They would absolutely LOVE it.

Mandy said...

This is brilliant!

Danielle Knowles said...

Love this...now if I could convince my husband that it would be cool! ;)

Ashley said...

Mess free hole? Hmm, pretty sure my kids would use that hole as some sort of garbage/toy/clothes/shoes/book portal. Would be so entertaining for them though. I'm sure it would afford me lots and lots of free time. Hmm, is it worth it?

Meninheira said...

I want this hole too :)