Becoming Prancer

Reindeer jingle bells
Running up the stairs, because reindeer fly up!

I brought out the jingle bells and the pipe cleaners in hopes of filling an afternoon with crafting and jingly sounds, but never expected to have the fun that we did. My little girl enjoyed twirling and jumping with bell bracelets on her arms and my son, well, he became Santa's current favorite reindeer, Prancer. Bells upon bells were strung on multiple pipe cleaners twisted together to make a long belt that was placed on his waist, just like a reindeer's harness, and the nose (oh the nose!) was carefully constructed and designed to wrap around his head more intricately than any mask I would have created! It is pure magic watching a child's mind work.

Jingle Bells + Pipe Cleaners + Imagination = A lot of fun. I recommend it!

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Sara said...

Your kids are just way too cute!!! My youngest daughter does the same thing with all braclets (putting them all the way up to her armpit!) So cute and looks like you guys had a blast!!! =]

Maren said...

This is such a neat idea!

Holly - tutus & turtles said...

Thanks Sara! I think they are pretty cute too :)

That is too funny about the armpit thing.

April said...

Genius! I'm going to try and make this. Greatjob!

Kendra Meyers said...

That's awesome, Holly. Thanks for reminding me to be more "crafty" with my kids too, I really could do better that way.