Oopsy Daisy Beautiful Baby

My daughter has no hair. Ok, I'm exaggerating, but really, she is almost three and she still has less hair than her older brother. It really doesn't bother me (it is low-maintenance!), but last night she cut a few chunks out of the top of what she did have. Considering how slow the hair growth has been, my husband and I found ourselves joking that she set herself back 2 0r 3 years.

Anyway... Even though she is lacking long luscious locks, she still gets food and all sorts of sticky things in her hair and needs to be cleaned up, even if it isn't bath time. Oopsy Daisy Beautiful Baby is an all natural hair care line and their Rinse Free Baby Shampoo has me intrigued. Just apply and lather up like regular shampoo, then towel dry and your child is once again clean and presentable. This could be a lifesaver when out for dinner with a messy eater.

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