Indoor Obstacle Course...

For rainy days or if it's too cold to go outside, this game is great for burning energy.

Obstacles--furniture, pillows, etc.
Paper and tape
Household objects

1. Plot your course. Obstacles that might be included in the course: crawling under or over chairs; crawling under a table without disturbing any balloons dangling on strings from the bottom; sliding under or crawling over a string stretched between two table or chair legs; crawling or slithering through a tunnel made from couch pillows; or stepping on a series of pieces of paper taped to the floor.

2. To make the course even more challenging, add further elements. Have kids go through the course while holding an empty toilet paper tube in each hand. Try wearing a large hat while maneuvering through the obstacles; if the hat comes off, it's back to square one.

Other obstacle possibilities include silly rules like jumping up and down three times after completing certain "stations" or singing a song at a certain point in the course. The variations are almost endless.

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