"I Spy" Books

We have gotten hours upon hours of enjoyment out of "I Spy"-type books. We were first introduced to them with Walter Wick's beautiful photographs in Can You See What I See? Once Upon A Time. The pages are completely captivating even without searching for all the hidden items throughout the page, and once you start looking you will be hooked! This series is great for smaller kids and we could probably spend an entire afternoon with just one book - they are must-haves for long trips.

Remembering how much I liked the Where's Waldo? series brought us to the reissued Where's Waldo? and I was pleased to find Martin Handford's illustrations as humorous and entertaining as I did when I was younger. My kids giggle quite a bit when flipping through the pages, and quickly spot Waldo. The fun doesn't end too quickly though because each time we go through the book we add one more thing to find to the list. There are quite a few items and people that can be found on every page, and lists of odds and ends specific to certain scenes are in the back of the book.

When Can You See What I See? Night Before Christmas showed up on our doorstep this week my son actually stood up in his chair and clapped excitedly! We had just packed away our Halloween Book, and can't wait to spend the holidays exploring this one.

Do you have any "I Spy" favorites we should try out?

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Shepherd Family ACAL said...

Sadly I don't have a recommendation for you but I am thanking your for the recommendations! We too love love I spy books, I am excited to check out the Christmas one! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

my 6 year old has loved the I SPY books forever. any of them are a good selection.