BabyHawk - the cure for the common baby carrier
Finding a good, no GREAT baby to toddler carrier was hard to find... but i think i've found just the one. I've gotten nothing but great reviews from moms everywhere all about this one of a kind, functional baby carrier. BabyHawk.
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"Our [BabyHawk] Mei Tai's (Asian Baby Carriers) are adopted from a Chinese-inspired idea that makes holding your little one on your front, back or hip as safe, as it is comfortable. The weight distribution of our MT's makes wearing you baby more cozy and delightful than you can imagine for longer than you can imagine! Our design is simple to let you strap on or take off your custom Mei Tai quick and easy."

I've had my eyes on this company for a while but had to do my research before i spread the news, but now the research is done and i have heard nothing, nothing, nothing bad about this amazing company. So i will be ordering my custom BabyHawk today, and you should too! There are a ton of options, colors and patterns to choose from, Shop here. Express your style and let us know what's in your BabyHawk cart.

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Stephanie said...

I love the artistic, modern photos on the site and the fact that you can customize the carriers. You'll have to give us your full review when it arrives.

Madre Adoptiva said...

I frickin' love the Baby Hawk Mai Tei's. I wanted one SO bad when my little one was little. Now I just can't justify spending the money. They're so gorgeous.