Safer Children's Product Guide + Knitted Pumpkin Rattle

Knitted pumpkin rattle from Yellow Label Kids.
{cute and lead-free!}

The kids and I were looking at Halloween decorations and found some pumpkins that were worth adding to the Halloween collection. We decided to get a couple of small ones so that both of my kiddos could have their own personal pumpkin, until I noticed the large label warning that there was lead in the pumpkins, followed by all sorts of grim information. On the one hand I was grateful for such a large and obvious warning label, on the other I was disappointed that something as kid-related as Halloween decorations that were practically meant to be picked up were tainted with lead.

With all the craziness going on with recalls and tainted products, having a reliable source for information on what is safe and what isn't can be a necessity. Z Recommends is one of my favorite child-related resources, and they now have a detailed Guide to Safer Children's Products that I am sure will come in handy as it continues to grow.

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