Lifeway - ProBugs Organic Kefir for Kids

We have found a new favorite on-the-go snack: ProBugs Organic Whole Milk Kefir. My kids love kefir (a cultured milk product that tastes similar to a yogurt drink), but until now we could only buy it in large bottles. Small yogurt drinks were an easy substitute, but once the lid is off the bottle it is a mess waiting to happen. We tried using straws to contain the mess, but my daughter's "Jackson Pollock-style yogurt art" flicked all over my dining room put an end to that idea.

ProBugs comes in convenient no-spill containers that are perfect in lunches or just to throw in the bag or take in the car when you are in a hurry. They contain 10 live and active cultures (most yogurts have 2 or 3) to help your kiddos get all the good probiotic bacteria they need for good digestive health. ProBugs is available at grocery stores nationwide, including Whole Foods and Target.

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