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"Aye Matey"

These illustrations, made by the creative mind behind the enjoyable children's blog KidsHaus, are fantastic. Each one is hand-drawn, digitally refined, then printed using a Gocco printer which gives each print its own unique imperfections. See more here.

{If "Aye Matey" had some blond hair peeking out beneath the newspaper hat I might be fooled into thinking it was an illustration of my son! It is such a fun piece of art.}


The Mama and Baby theme is precious - this is a sweet and original addition to a child's room, although I'd be tempted to steal this from the kids and stick it in a frame in our office. I like little reminders that Motherhood is a wonderful role to be cherished always.

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kidshaus said...

thanks for the nice post, holly :)

Holly - tutus & turtles said...

You're welcome!