The world of computers has just gotten a little cooler, at least for parents and kids. I don't know about you, but getting my preschooler to play the computer without clicking out of the website, or fiddling with my precious documents is a little hard. Not any more!! KidDesktop was designed with us in mind! Essentially, KidDesktop is a simplified verision of Windows that is easy to navigate, attractive to our little ones and just kid friendly. Parents are able to add programs that are age-appropriate, set time limits (love this one) and allow their children to explore their "computer skills" in a safe enviroment! They also just added a cool new feature which allows our children to enjoy their favorite YouTube videos, without the scare of them clicking on something inappropriate! What kid doesn't love their "Hanna Montana" YouTube video?

One of the best parts is that KidDesktop is affordable and they even give you a free trial to see for yourself how truly valuable this program is. So before you stock up on the computer programs for Christmas, take a spin on KidDesktop. It will be well worth it!

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