DIY Happy Halloween Sign...

Black scalloped note cards from Michael's or if you live near a Paper Source their round ones are even better.
Halloween-ish paper (I just used what I already had lying around)
Sparkly pipe cleaner
Letters reading "Happy Halloween" (paper, or vinyl or printed at home will all work great)
Pom pom trim if you want to get really fancy
Hot glue
Glue stick
Hole puncher

1. Cute decorative paper down to size and glue to scalloped card

2. Using hot glue gun attach pom pom trim to the back bottom edge of scalloped card.

3. Glue pipe cleaner or other glitter trim to outline decorative paper using glue gun

4. Apply letters to each one, punch a hole in top corners, string onto a ribbon of your choice and hang.

Why not make one for every occasion/holiday?

as seen on my friends sara b's blog. thanks!

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