Best laundry-related advice I've ever received

This is pretty random, but with two kids this has saved me many a time:

With an oil-based stain, wash stain with dish soap because it is meant to remove grease. Then rinse with cold water with the clothing turned inside out (so the water pushes the grease out of the clothes, not back into them).

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Two Mittens said...

I have found this to work well with chocolate.

miss bliss said...

You know, I try this as a last resort to stain removal, too. Last resort because I can never remember what kind of stain it is!! I also love to us oxy clean in all my loads because with kids, there's a stain on everything!

But thanks for the reminder and the inside out tip! I'm having a big laundry recovery day today, and it will surely help.

Kendra Meyers said...

Thanks, Holly!