Why do the clouds move?

I love when my kids ask me "deeper" questions, and always like to have a resource where we can find the answer together if the answer is something I don't know. This week my 4-year old asked me "Why do the clouds move?," then followed it with asking me if we could read a book about why the clouds move when we got home.

We had just picked up Smithsonian Earth by DK Publishing and were able to open it up to the cloud section and learn more about clouds than we originally planned. Turning pages led to more questions and more answers, and we have officially found our new favorite non-fiction book and my new resource for the answers I don't have. You can buy it here.

As luck would have it, I had picked up a $15 world globe at Target. Combine the book and the globe and you have a great combination for a reading adventure.

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Amy said...

I need to do more stuff like this with my kids. Thanks for the tip!