Grandparents Day...

Always the first Sunday after Labor Day, that means THIS SUNDAY, September 7th! In a pickle about what to do or what kind of gift to give? Here are a few ideas:

1. Photographs of grandchildren - framed is even better, or you can buy this variation of framed photographs.
2. Something handmade by the grandchildren - from a greeting card to a painted plate by yours truly.
3. Something with a personalized message - Since many of us are trying to go green and take our own bags to the store, how about a canvas bag with a photo or the grandchildren’s handprints and a personalized message? And for grandpa what about this "Hooked on You" shirt?
4. Something to help them keep up on things - Shopping list pads, a key rack to hang inside the back door, eyeglasses holders—all of these could make lives easier.
5. A book to share - This can be an inexpensive children’s book, or something more expensive, such as a nice anthology. I especially like the Little Big Book for Grandmothers and the Little Big Book for Grandfathers. Whatever book you choose, be sure to write an inscription.
6. Something to use daily - Choose a coffee mug, pencil cup, pocket knife or writing pen.
7. A collection of classics on DVD - Lots of vintage TV shows are now available on DVD. You can choose from collections of classic cartoons, comedy shows and westerns. There are even collections of classic commercials. Choose something that grandparents and grandchildren would enjoy watching together. Our choice would be the Classic Looney Tunes Collection from Warner Brothers.

What lots of grandparents don't want - Most have far too many candles, lots of them purchased as school fundraisers for the grandchildren! Most don’t want candy because it doesn’t fit our diet. Most don’t want knick-knacks as we are tired of dusting. Although they would probably love flowers, they'd rather have a hand-picked bouquet or a inexpensive bunch from the grocery store than an expensive arrangement. Most grandparents are notoriously enthusiastic about anything that has to do with their grandchildren and will receive most any gift with genuine joy.

{taken from about.com}

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neil said...

This blog hits the nail on the head. Being an old guy with 6 miracles myself I have many times had to hide last years candles to act surprised about this years. I love your suggestions.
Thanks NEIL
Also known as Proudgrandpa

Brianne said...

I can really appreciate you posting on what grandparents DON'T want as much as what they DO want - it's so true that sometimes we get so caught up in giving a gift that we don't think about the practicality of it! A homemade something from the kids has so much more love behind it, and is usually more treasured than a store-bought trinket that will just gather dust later!