Fancy Nancy Party

It is nearly impossible to not fall in love with the wonderfully written Fancy Nancy series, and after reading it you may find it hard to resist the urge to add a little more extravagance to your life. A friend treated her daughter to a day of glamour by hosting a very elegant and entertaining Fancy Nancy birthday party - below are some of the fabulous and fancy ideas she used:

"The party consisted of a lot of fuchsia (a fancy word for purple) and exquisite (a fancy word for fancy) ensembles. We had so much fun planning for her party. We picked out lots of pink and purple tulle, balloons, feathers, fingernail polish, and hair spray glitter for the big day. The birthday girl greeted each of her friends at the door with a "Bonjour Darling." Then we escorted them into the Posh Pampering Salon ( a.k.a. the dining room) for their manicures and make-up which consisted of glitter hair spray, glitter eye shadow, and lip gloss. (I had my friend's 9 year-old daughter assist with the make-up application.) While the girls waited for their turn in the salon, we had "Fancy Nancy" activity books. Once everyone was all fancy, we attended charm school where they learned to curtsy, to walk with proper posture with books on their heads, to drink with their pinkie fingers lifted, and learned some fancy vocabulary and French words. We then had parfaits (French for ice cream sundaes), and other appropriately fancy treats."

(If you are looking for some fanciful items, Target now carries a darling Fancy Nancy line! )

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Brooke said...

I had a friend have a Fancy Nancy party for her daughter too just recently. I thought you might like checking it out also.
You can see them here:
and here:
I love this idea.
Brooke Price

Holly - tutus & turtles said...

Thanks for sharing Brooke! The other party is too cute, I'll have to get permission to link to it. I can't wait till my "Fancy Nancy" is old enough to appreciate a party like this!