10 ways to preserve memories this Grandparents Day

Whether your or your children's grandparents live near or far, this list includes some beautiful ideas worth following through with. It is a great reminder to cherish the memories we have made and the people we have made them with.

Our family is scattered across the country, but spending this and subsequent weekends making special family recipes and attributing them to the proper family member is one way I am looking forward to connecting my kids with our family's history.

1. Construct a family memory book. Gather pictures of family members across generations and make a scrapbook by writing in the stories that have been passed on through generations.

2. Play a game the grandparents used to play. Kids had fun long before video games were invented. Play a game from the analog era to show the grandchildren how it was done.

3. Read a book your grandparents read when they were your age. Grandparents can make classic children’s literature even more rewarding by adding in details of what life was like at the time.

4. Learn how to cook grandma’s favorite recipe. Whether that’s a traditional holiday dish or her secret cookie recipe, spend time in the kitchen with grandma cooking a recipe that can be passed down to the next generation.

5. Take part in a grandparent’s favorite hobby. Whether that is painting, gardening, or putting together puzzles, spend time with your grandparents and learn about the daily activities that bring them joy.

6. Pick out one interesting, unique or strange family heirloom. Grandparents can explain the history of the item and why it is special to the family.

7. Learn where you came from. Drive through your grandparents’ old neighborhood and listen to stories about their old neighbors or family outings at the local park.

8. Go back in time to the movies. Rent a classic the grandparents enjoyed seeing on the big screen years ago. There are plenty of great old movies other than just the ones that run during the holidays.

9. Ask to look at your grandparent’s wedding pictures or high school yearbooks. Learn about their best friends and see pictures of them when they were so much younger.

10. Preserve a memory for future generations. Make a home video with them and let them discuss their favorite stories.

-Shared by Hazel Cole Kendle and Jennifer Liu Bryan,
authors of the just-released Cole Family Christmas.
{Which is officially on my to-read list!}

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Tracey said...

These are great ideas, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I needed this reminder to give more attention to creating memories like this while we have the chance.

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