Mutsy Grow Up Booster Seat

My "baby" is ready to sit at the table with the rest of us - she is very frustrated sitting in her high chair... so it is time for a booster and I think this one will be her new seat. Looks comfy and easy to clean - two very important things. I would love to hear any suggestions of boosters that you love - I am on a hunt and need some help...thanks!

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Barrett said...

I love my Fisher-Price Healthy Care booster seat! Ours is white with blue and green. There are no seams in the seat to dig food out of, the back of the seat folds down, there is a tray, a top tray and a tray cover so you can clean up the mess at home and the straps for the seat convert into carrying straps. We like it!

Jen said...

Thanks, Barrett! Easy to clean is a MUST and no seams for food to find its way into is way important. Thanks so much - I will definitely look into this.

Anonymous said...

This booster seat looks so nice, I almost wouldn't mind having it strapped to the chair!

The Clarks said...

When my boys outgrew their highchairs we tried booster seats, but they kept trying to crawl out of those too. So, rather than fight that battle we got them their very own big boy chairs from IKEA, the Agam chairs. They've worked great. They are the perfect height to fit right up under the table.