I am not much of a runner, but most times I take the kids for a walk in the jogging stroller I head out with the goal of getting myself to pick up the pace for at least part of our trip. It is usually only for a few minutes, and I'd like for it to be more.

I am more motivated when I can keep track of things or see results, so I am quite intrigued by the Strollometer. It tracks your speed (current, maximun, and average), distance, time, daily mileage, temperature, and displays the real clock time. Being able to look down and see what I am accomplishing would really help me to go that much faster or go a bit farther to reach a certain distance. Even if I am just walking or using the stroller for leisure purposes it would be nice to see how many miles I was covering.

The Strollometer is wireless ans straps onto any stroller. Learn more about the features here, how it works here, or find a place to purchase one here.

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